Welcome to the UNL Game Development Club

We are UNL's only club focused on learning to develop video games. All are welcome and there are no pre-requisites to join. We usually meet in Avery Hall 19 on Sunday nights from 7pm-9pm. Visit the contact page to sign up for updates.

Our mission: To guide students in learning effective professional game design techniques. We accomplish this by working through game development projects in our meetings, such as demos or active projects. We also provide students the opportunity to showcase their skills at game development competitions ("game jams").

To get involved, please visit the contact page and reach out to one of the club officers.

Upcoming Events

The GDC has some exciting events coming up, which we'd like to share with everyone!

K-State Game Jam Postmortems and Gameplay Loops (February 23rd)

Join us on February 23rd as the teams who participated in the 2020 K-State Game Jam last weekend show off and talk about their games! Following this, we will have a short talk about gameplay loops and their context in our games, then time to work on your own games (per usual).