Get Involved with the UNL Game Dev Club!

We are UNL's only club focused on learning to develop video games. All are welcome and there are no pre-requisites to join. Please join the Discord to recieve meeting announcements and updates.

Our mission: To teach students effective professional game design techniques. We accomplish this by working through game development projects in our meetings, such as demos or active projects. We also provide students the opportunity to showcase their skills at game development competitions ("game jams").

The group is still fairly new and growing, but we will update the website as new exciting projects and events arise.

If you're interested in joining, please contact the core leadership team via email or join the Discord and we will respond to you with further details.


Core Leadership Team


Jaden Goter

jadengoter ⒶⓉ gmail . com


Sam Foit

foitsam ⒶⓉ gmail . com

Primary Programmer

James Coddington

james ⒶⓉ coddington . io


Beau Yoesel

s . l . yoesel ⒶⓉ gmail . com

Development Lead

Aaron Friesen

aarongfriesen ⒶⓉ gmail . com



If you have any recommendations for club events, please fill out the club's recommendation Google form.

If you have any concerns regarding club proceedings, events, or other club-related matters, please fill out the club's concerns Google form.

For both forms, it is not required to provide contact information should you choose to remain anonymous. However, if it requires a follow-up conversation, it is encouraged to provide contact information. This information will be kept confidential and only handled by club officers.